Stay Safe with BrigidBox Escalator/ Travelator Handrail Sanitizer Plus

Stay Safe with BrigidBox Escalator/ Travelator Handrail Sanitization

Features & benefits

Effective sanitization for escalator
and travelator handrails.
Simple, easy to install on existing
and new escalators and travelators.
Auto operation, long lamp life
13,000 hrs.
High UV-C intensity ( 50mj/cm2 )
at high speeds (1.0m/s)
Installed externally, no
modification or work needed.
Fits most of the handrail sections
and curvatures (F50-100 cm).
Displays directions, gates,
and utilities.
12.1″ screen that displays advertisements commercially.

Escalate your marketing; Introducing Escalator and Travelator AdScreen!

Our high-quality screens are designed to make the most of viewers' attention to the material. Escalator and travelator screens will display information such as instructions, gates, utilities, catchy messages, images, films, and any kind of advertisement, all controlled with a single click!

Escalator and Travelator

Our innovative device is compatible with digital signage software and can be adjusted or modified to any escalator thanks to its “Patent” auto-adjust chassis.

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