AIRREX AH300i: Introducing the Infrared heating, hall heater, workshop heater

Heat large rooms efficiently and cost-effectively and save money on a daily base

Airrex AH300


Example of consumption: 2,5L / day, when heating a space of 500m³ 
with 15°C inside temperature and -0°C outside.

Features & benefits

Cost-effective: consumption of only 2.5 liters per day for an insulated industrial hall of 500 m³.
Easy to Use: Plug in, switch on and set the temperature range (0-40°C).
Clean combustion: Triple combustion process for complete and emission-free heat.
Ideal for workshops, halls, terraces. Rooms up to 1500m³
Reliable: 3-year warranty, easy maintenance and fast delivery of accessories.
Our advanced burner technology and our clean, quiet heating solution with one button to use

Benefits of AIRREX AH 300i 

Why Airrex?
1) No fumes or smells
️2) Temperature control from 0-40°C
3) Cost-saving and powerful
4) Biodiesel or diesel/red diesel

Technical articles: Find out about our advanced burner technology and 
our clean, quiet heating solution.

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Unique Heater on the market : AIRREX AH 300i 

Extremely cost-effective smokeless and odorless infrared heater. 100% energy efficiency; Airrex heaters are the only heaters on the market that use all energy, making them up to 30% more efficient than competing products. Airrex infrared heaters heat the material, not just the air. This is why the heat remains permanently in the room and does not disappear when the door is opened, for example. Airrex heaters meet all EU requirements.

Airrex Ah-300i infrared heater with mobile control. It is ideal for heating rooms such as terraces, garages, leisure facilities, holiday homes, caravan tents and greenhouses.

The best features of the Airrex fuel heater are low consumption, no odor, thermostat control and quiet operation. The Airrex AH-300i infrared heater does not have a fan, so it does not distribute dust into the surrounding air.

The Airrex AH-300i is suitable for rooms with up to 1500 m³!

2,590.00 € Incl. 19% VAT. (Net Amount 2,176.47 €)

How Does AIRREX work?


The device has a patented oil burner with an electric fuel pump that circulates the combustion gases through pipelines with ceramic coating and create heat as infrared radiation.​


The triple combustion process ensures complete and clean combustion. Normal ventilation is sufficient.


The silencing system inside the exhaust pipe that compresses and expands the exhaust makes AIRREX very quiet - only 48dB.


Simple soft-touch control panel with LED display and remote control.

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